Monday, June 23, 2008

Boating Update!

Mountain Waters Rafting had its annual customer service and liability meeting on Wednesday evening. All of our guides, drivers, management, and public relations crew were in attendence. The meeting was led by our owner, Casey Lynch, and all members of our team had the opportunity for questions and comments, as well as great stories, involving the best and worst customer service they've seen or heard of.

We had some great stories, including "the difference between whitewater and brown water," as told by Ashe, a critical member of our PR crew. If you do happen to come boating with us, ask your guide for a recount of some of the better stories.

In the end, the meeting was to insure that all of our guides are on the same page when it comes to customer service. And we all agree that it's a not a goal, but a priority, to offer the best trip in town. We all take pride in running a smooth, clean rafting show at Mountain Waters, and our customer service meeting offers our crew a chance to suggest ways to improve even more.

Business is picking up on both our town run and our Upper Animas trip. Our water continues to be great from a strong snow pack, and the high country Monsoon season is rolling in a little early and dumping rains in the mountains, which, in turn, is giving us more water (with the same great weather) in town.

It was our privilege having Sam Moulton from Outside Magazine and Kristin Bjornsen from Climbing Magazine with us on our Upper Animas trip this weekend. Both were in town to see what all the fuss is about, and I'm pretty confident they left with a better understanding. We had great water, great weather, and the boating and camping was excellent.

We'll keep you updated when the articles concerning this weekend's trip get published in their respective magazines within the coming months. We also had professional photographer Scott Smith with us, and when we get access to photos and video clips we'll quickly pass them on.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Come see us, it's not too hot here.

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Anonymous said...

Great video. Looks like a fun trip. I'm on my way to Durango!