Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Upper Animas Video

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Anonymous said...

Hey Casey and the MWR gang - great video and love the blog. To everyone else - I was on the July 4 weekend Upper Animas 3-day trip. Third year in a row I've done the trip and plan on coming back for a long time. Hope I don't sound like I'm doing a commercial for MWR, but . . . there are so many aspects that make this the best overnight trip in the country. I've done the best rivers in the country, as well as the Futaleufu in Chile. The Upper Animas is a gem. I've not experienced as continuous, minimum Class III+ to Class IV whitewater over two days of paddling as I have on the Upper Animas. Add in the awesome Class V's - wow!!! The river valley, tucked into the San Juan mountains, is as beautiful as it gets. The middle day for those doing a three-day - you can pretty much do anything you have the energy to do - fish, explore old gold mines, hike up to the spectacular Chicago Basin (from where three 14ers' can be accessed), or hell, just sleep in and enjoy the cool, crisp mountain air. The guides go out of their way to take care of you - awesome food (lots of it), and very c9mpetent/professional on the river. Campfire time - crazy!!! I'll leave it at that. Like I said, I've done a lot of rivers - multiple descents on around 2 dozen - but if the only one I ever do again is the Upper Animas - I'd be quite satisfied. Every aspect that I enjoy about coming to the mountains and doing whitewater is delivered in one package with this trip. Do it!!!!

P.S. - coming back to do Rockwood in a couple days. Can't wait!!!