Tuesday, August 5, 2008

High water? Low water? Who cares? Boating is FUN!

Thanks for the shot-out there Dennis. We absolutely love having you, and the testament you gave us in your reply post was humbling. We appreciate it.

If you haven't read Dennis' response post, check it out. He's coming tomorrow to do a Rockwood trip. One of the lucky few. I still haven't come off the high the last Rockwood bashing gave me...and that was nearly two weeks ago! Everybody should come get a piece of it while it's hot.

On the bottom end of the Animas, things are starting to get rowdy as the low water rolls in. Bring the biggest water guns you can find, the aqua battles are becomming epic. Five gallon water dump buckets on pulley systems hanging from bridges is the act to beat right now. I'm serious, water wars like you've never seen. Be ready to overthrow ships and pirate your enemies! This is a great time of year to head to the river for an afternoon cool off, even if the water isn't huge. It's just mighty nice and fun on a boat.

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