Monday, June 29, 2009

Boating Update

A recent increase in both water level and temperature has got all of us boaters in a frenzy to be on the water.

Heavy rains over the last couple of weeks have blessed the Four Corners area with much needed water, and with the temperature finally reaching its hand into the low 90's, the river is looking pretty enticing.

The town of Durango is bussling as well now that we're into the middle of summer, and it's a great time to come visit.

Check out our video blogs while you're cruisin' around the sight. A few of our guides put together some great footage of what an on-the-spot flip looks like. Another video shows how a standard day here at Mountain Waters looks.

In news out of Silverton, we had a brave group of four tend to business on the Upper Animas with us last week. We had excellent water levels, pretty good weather, and whole lot of fun. Matt, Neal, Carrie, and Annie showed up the night before and we got dialed in and ready to boat. We all got together and went over a detailed safety speech, got the crew all geared up, and then the four of them aced the swim test. From there it was off and running towards two days of class five boating, and a night of fun in Needleton.

We also Dave Shively, an editor for Canoe and Kayak Magazine, and Scott Smith, a professional action photographer, on board with us for the trip. It was a pleasure having both of them in our boats and in our camp. You can check out Scott's work at It could be a while before photos of our trip are posted, but we'll keep you updated.

Mr. Dave Shively, a professional boatman himself, was in the Four Corners for a three week boating thrill ride while test driving and reviewing gear. It was great having Mr. Shively back in town again. He's a classy man and he's always welcome at Mountain Waters. You can follow his gear reviews and opinions of boating online at

Come see us. We're fired up and ready to boat.

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