Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day in the Life

For most of the guides here at Mountain Waters, rafting is part-time work and full time fun. Often times, our guides may be boating all morning and waiting tables all evening to stay afloat here in Durango, and loving every minute of it.

When our guides are out there rigging up and drivin' down boats, they're out there working hard. Not every day in the life of a raft guide is blessed with lazy floats. Guides check in for trips the evening prior. Our customer service associates set a rotation the night before based on current reservations, they leave a detailed guide message for the boatmen to check before bedtime. Then it's cuddle up and sweet dreams, tomorrow they go boatin!

Guides meet at our boatyard 45 minutes before their trip to get the trailer and boats rigged up. Often times, walk-up customers add numbers to our trip and guides with boats are added in last minute. Once we're all loaded up, we cruise the bus down to our booth to pick up the day's customers.

A short bus ride and safety speech prelude the fun, then we're off and running. For the duration of the trip, being a boatman is mighty free and easy. But once we're off the water, the work starts again.

Boats need to be loaded on the trailer, then we're off to the booth to drop off the customers. After arriving back at our boatyard, a quick derig ensues and the boating day is soon over.

We've got a close knit crew here at Mountain Waters and often times we'll all be huddled over the same fire in the evenings, waiting around for another day of boating.

Come ride with us. We look forward to having you.

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