Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Be Gone

Our big boating month has come and gone in Durango. That doesn't mean we stop boating, however. Mountain Waters Rafting is tentatively planning to stay open throughout the month of August. Our primary trip will be the two hour economy trips through the town of Durango. This trip is basic at low water and offers one class two rapid near the end of the run.

Due to our decrease of water levels, and the Animas-LaPlata Project sucking water out of the river for Lake Nighthorse, going beyond Santa Rita Park in a raft has become a quite the chore. Nonetheless, floating through the North side of town, through downtown Durango, and taking out right in the middle of town continues to be an excellent way to cool down on a hot August day.

Don't be shy. We'd love to hear from you. If anyone is starting to think about going boating with us on the Upper Animas or the Piedra next season, give us a call or post a reply on this blog. You don't have to commit to anything, but we'd like to get your name, number, and when you think you might be interested in going. Upper Animas trips are tough to book because you need a good size crew with you while you're up there. So, if we know you're interested now, we can start piecing together the crew and be ready to go when you get here.

If you're going to be in Durango next summer and if everyone in your party is over the age of 16, you really should consider at least looking into these two great sections of river. Both runs are world class, each river and each canyon are amongst the most respectable and magnificient canyons in the country. We'd absolutely love to have you on board, and we think you'd absolutely love being in our boats.

For more information on these two rivers and for a video of us in each canyon, scroll down through the blog. Last season we gave each a rundown and added a video. The previous post has a listing for a video from an Upper trip we did just a few weeks ago. If you scroll to the bottom, and click on "older posts,"go back two pages, you'll find last years videos that we're actually created by us. Check it out. Hit reply to this blog, and leave us a message. We'll make it easy. We'll get in touch with you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. If you're in town, swing by and see us. We're located in the Albertson's parking lot, just west across Camino Del Rio from the train station.